its going to be a long month

Yesterday morning we headed to the airport to go our separate ways for a month. Ben headed out to his   Air Force Officer Training in Alabama and I also headed to the south to stay with my parents in Austin. I was doing fine until it became real and I had to say goodbye. This is the longest we have ever been apart. I am so proud of Ben and grateful for what he is doing for our family but I am sure going to miss him. I will rarely even talk to him. He is so strong and I know it breaks his heart to leave his baby girl. It will be an adventure and I hope this month goes by fast and that this experience will lead to great things for our family.
Hadley had a hard time herself. She is very stubborn and wont sleep anywhere but her crib. She missed her morning nap. She was wild and throwing things at the people next to me and was very loud. I had to nurse her in the airplane bathroom through turbulence, it was stressful but we made it!


  1. Think of the positive how very very fun it will be when you guys get to be together again! I secretly like taking small breaks (much smaller than a month) to remind me that I miss my hubby when he's gone! :) oh and this will be practice for away rotations in med school. Jared was once gone for a month during my first trimester of my last pregnancy (I get very very bad morning sickness) and I already had the other two kids. It about killed me. Good luck!

  2. I am so proud of you two! It is hard being a part from each other. The pictures really tug at the heart. What a great reunion it will be in a few weeks!!! Love and hugs!