It's a boy!

We are so thrilled and excited to announce that I am pregnant with a baby boy! This pregnancy has been so much better than the one with Hadley. I was really sick during the first trimester but started feeling much better at 16 weeks! Hadley is going to be the best big sister. She looooves babies! We can't wait for this little boy to join our family!

Taylor Came to town

My best friend from my childhood Taylor Shanahan came from San Francisco to visit! We have been friends since we were 12! We had a blast. It was fun to compare ourselves with the drawing done of us 14 years ago!

Hadley the dancer

I have to admit I am very impressed with Hadley's ability to follow instruction and perform so well in dance class! Her teacher Nicole is great. She offers classes at Midwestern which makes it easy for Ben to stop in and say hi!

Swim Lessons

Hadley also was busy this summer at swim lessons with her friend Makena at the Foothills aquatic center!



One hard thing about medical school is that friends come and leave very frequently. I am grateful for the relationships I have made here in AZ. I have learned that a Girls Night here or there is a necessity!

Joey Gladstone

My entire life Full House was my favorite show! When I heard Dave Coulier was coming to town to do his comedy act I had to go! He plays Joey. Natalie and I went and laughed the whole time! It was a blast!

Hadley the Artist

Hadley took an art class from our friend Lindsey McBride. She is amazing and Hadley loved painting!

Catch up!


Raleigh and Cardon Party

On Friday I had the opportunity to pick my nephews up from school because Natalie was out of town. We had a blast! We went to Peter Piper Pizza, got donuts and had a sleepover. Cardon used his tickets to buy Hadley her first princess Tiara. He is such a sweetie!

Allergy Testing

Poor baby Hadley has had a problem with Dairy her whole life. We finally got her allergy tested. We hope she grows out of it. Poor girl needs to enjoy ice cream one day!