Random stuff

Hadley wearing my dress from when I was little!

Cardon and Hadley at Grandma and Grandpa Patty and Dicks!

@BofM365 Meet up

A few weeks ago some of the followers of @bofm365 arranged a meet up. It was so wonderful to meet such amazing women and to hear how reading the Book of Mormon together has influenced their lives. I am so grateful Ben was inspired to create this account! The results have been amazing!

Bartlett Lake

Yesterday our friends Geoff and Stacie Lang invited us to the lake. We had a great time!


After a long year and summer of Ben studying for his Board exams he finally took them and had a break from school completely! It was wonderful! We decided to go to escape the heat and head to the mountains to celebrate. We went to Greer where my family used to go when I was little. We did some fishing and stayed in a little cabin. It was a well needed family vacay!


Last minute when Heather was at our house she snapped these family photos of us! I am so grateful she did!


Last minute we found out that Elder Bednar of the Twelve Apostles was going to be talking about missionary work and the use of Social Media at Education week. We were asked permission for him to talk about our BofM365 instagram account! We felt very honored and I made the trip out there to be there. My mom, Heather, Diane and I went. We had reserved seats on the floor of the Marriott center. We had a great time. I also got to visit with family in Provo and headed back to St. George with Diane for a few days!