Back in December when Ben and I were discussing New Years resolutions in bed, Ben came up with an idea that has now changed the lives of thousands. He thought he could use instagram as a tool to be a reminder for friends and family to read their scriptures daily. He wanted to keep it simple and make it so that people could get the most out of their studies. A few days passed and it kept pressing on his mind. He decided to act on this prompting. After discussing different ways to approach it I came up with the idea to include a question prompt along with each post. He found a schedule that divided the Book of Mormon into 365 days. Each post would give a set of verses to read and by the end of the year followers would have read the entire Book of Mormon. After posting our initial post on instagram within an hour there were over 100 followers. The numbers continued to climb. On the first day of the challenge January 1, 2014 there were over 30,000 followers and today there are over 45,000. Articles have been published in Deseret News and on personal blogs. It is so incredible.
Each day as people comment the spirit is felt. There are non members following and learning about the gospel. There are people who are reading it for the first time. Members are being inspired to share the gospel. People are uniting in prayer for each other and sharing stories that are strengthening each other. It truly has been miraculous. Our own testimonies have strengthened as we read the Book of Mormon daily. Our conversations are more positive, we are happier and our marriage is stronger. Please feel free to follow along!



When a baby turns 18 months old they are able to start attending Nursery at church. It is a day we have been looking forward to. Hadley has always been very social and we thought she would have no problem going into nursery. However a few weeks ago things changed. She has become very clingy and won't let Ben or I out of her sight. She cries and cries. It may take a while for her to get used to it but it amazes us how big she is getting so fast!

a day in the life...

We love when Grandma is in town!

USA vs Mexico

As most everyone knows Ben is a huge soccer fan. For his birthday I bought him tickets to a USA vs Mexico game. We had a blast! The game ended in a tie.

Just Hadley and I at church

Showering the Mama to be...

My friend Morgan is having a baby! I did my best to be sure I was able to go to her shower. My mom came to Arizona and drove to California with me. We were able to stay in the Camp Pendleton Beach Cottages. It was so fun to stay right on the sand! We were able to see Kindsay and the girls and Simon before they moved to Hawaii! It is so fun having the cousins together. Erik was away at JAG training in Rhode Island. On the way home from the trip we stopped at Hadley date farm. How could we not?!


Super model Hadley

Did I mention that Hadley is a model?! A few months ago our favorite frozen yogurt shop had a flyer advertising an open photo shoot. Of course I jumped at the chance and showed up with Hadley. Then, to my surprise on a spontaneous froyo run we came across this!

Color Fun Fest 5K!

I have always said that I had no desire to ever run a race. Running has always been hard and miserable for me. When friends from church asked if I wanted to do it I was quick to say no. I am super out of shape. After some encouragement I gave in. I am so glad I did! I was able to jog the entire thing! It was quite an accomplishment for me. If felt so good and it was a really great time with a really great group of girls!


A few days ago Hadley and I paid a visit to Grandma and Grandpa. I wish we were able to see them more often! It should be easier with them only living a hour away. We had a great time! Richie and Natalie and their kids came too! Grandpa was able to show us his garden. It was especially special because I always remember him showing me his garden as a little girl when they lived in San Diego!