Roomies take on L.A.

Every year my best college room mates and I try to all get together and have a girls trip. This year we decided to head to the coast and take on Los Angeles.
Last week Ben had finals so I had to show up a day late. He finished his last final and drove me to the airport. It was so hard leaving Hadley. It was my first time being away from her. I am so grateful for Ben for being willing to let me leave for the weekend and take care of her on his own. I am so happy Hadley has such a good Daddy.
I met up with my girls in Santa Monica.We went out to eat, shopped till we dropped, stayed up late having girl talk, and explored the city. It was so fun seeing Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach and everywhere in between. We got Sprinkles ice cream and so much more!
Thanks for the fun weekend! Can't wait for the next one. I sure am lucky to have such great girl friends!


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend with some wonderful friends! Great pictures!