Almost half way

On Tuesday Ben, or should I say Second Lieutenant Benjamin R. Prince will have been in Alabama for 2 weeks. About half way. I miss him so much. I am so grateful I have been able to talk to him every day with an occasional FaceTime.

He has been staying very positive and says that it has really been a great experience. I think it started out as a bit of a culture shock but he quickly adapted to the military lifestyle. He is learning a lot about leadership and work ethics. They have been teaching him how to be a soldier and all the rules to being an Officer in the United States Air Force. He says there have been some very strict aspects with lots of details. He has been doing really well and is taking it all very seriously and is still having fun. He has become friends with his room mate and they seem to keep each other real. They are having fun together but also know when to be serious. He feels it an honor to be serving his country and so do I!

While he has been gone Hadley and I have been having a good time with my parents. I do get antsy sometimes because I don't feel complete with out him. Since he has been gone, Hadley has started pulling herself up to stand, she points and things and has become a more picky eater.

We try to walk every morning

 We send pics of ourselves to Ben a lot.
 Big girl!

 Always good food in Austin!

I miss my man in uniform
Picnicked and rode the Zilker Zephyr with Wren, Django and Roosevelt

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