Adios AZ.....

Leaving Arizona gave us many mixed emotions, we were so sad to leave some great friends we had made through work, church and school. It also broke our heart to leave right when we had family move to Arizona. We had so much fun with Richie, Natalie and the boys for the month that overlapped. Hopefully one day we will live by family! On the other hand we are so excited for our new adventure! So many great things ahead of us! No one can ever replace the friends we have made but we are excited to see who is brought into our paths in Austin!

Before we left the girls from work threw me a good-bye dinner. I love them so much! I think I spent more time with these girls at Nordstrom than my own husband since we are there all the time. These are girlfriends I will have forever! Go TBD!

We spent some time with our friends the McCleneghan's who we met at church, Ashley and I did some crafts too before we left. We will miss our game nights and playing with their little boy Eli.
We celebrated with the Staheli's who just had a new baby, Janie, and is such a cute little girl! We love her! It also was Colonel's birthday, we went out for Thai food!
Ben made some great friends at school! We will sure miss them! We went out with Marc & Ashurina and Brad & Dani for Italian!
There are many others I didn't mention, we will miss you too! Some of our friends were out of town and couldn't say bye or I just didn't have pictures.

While out to dinner, somehow Ben recognized the new American Gladiator "Wolf" sitting at the table next to us. He was very flattered when Marc asked if the boys could get a picture! He is very famous for his legendary howl. 

On the 29th even though we tried to stay hard at work packing, we did find some time to celebrate my 25th birthday! Everyone was so good to me! My mom and Ben's parents were in town. We got to have dinner at The 3rd place in Glendale with our parents, and Richie and Natalie and the boys. Each one of the boys made hand made birthday presents and cards for me. Ah! I hate that we left them! They are the cutest!
As much as we wont miss the dirt and peach houses, we will miss the people we know and love in Arizona. And who knows maybe we will end up there again....


  1. Great post, Chelsea! Who WOULDN'T recognize "Wolf", I ask you??
    Ahh-OOO! Hahaha! I just remember him being the coolest gladiator in the old gladiator show! I can't wait to hear of and see pictures of all your new adventures as an Austinite!

  2. Love your posts! I hope you find great friends again in the Nordstrom in Austin. I would have to admit Shelly, I would not have a clue who "Wolf" is. But I wouldn't mind having a picture of all of those boys!! ha ha ...

  3. Hahaha! Just to make it clear, Diane, I wasn't howling at them....I was mimicking Wolf. Just wanted to be perfectly understood;)

  4. I worked at Coach for 3 years and those girls were practically blood sisters by the time we all quit. we spent 40-50 hours a week together and we were all best friends! I miss my time with them sooo badly!

    Libby on the Label