Last week it was my wonderful Father-in-law's birthday! All he wanted was to take his boys fishing! I had to say good-bye to Ben for a few days which was hard, but I am so glad he gets to do things like that with his dad! Fishing is one of my favorite things to do with my dad too. I love that Ben likes to do things like that and that he has such a great dad to do it with! They went up to Kolob UT and had such a great time. Happy Birthday Bob!

While he was gone I got to play with my nephews! We had a sleepover at my house! I can't believe that right when Richie and Natalie get here we are moving to Texas! Ah! I love these little boys so much I can hardly handle it!


  1. They are so big and so cute!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bob! So glad you got to go, Ben -- and you look like such a mountain man! Chelsea, I LOVE the picture of you and Ben with the boys! Yes, the time is too short for you guys to be together. Great post!

  3. what a fun trip!! And you will LOVE texas!! Yay!!