"Keep Austin Weird"

We made it to Austin and life is great! We LOVE it here! One of the coolest cities we have been to! Best food, music and people! Our favorite things! We took a 3 day drive, stopped 2 nights in New Mexico to see my parents. Stayed in a cheap hotel in Sonora Texas, ate some of the best bbq in Junction Texas, and even saw a Davy Crockett monument in Crockett County!

After seeing many deer, long-horn bulls, sheep, goats, cattle, horses, taxidermies and much open beautiful land we arrived in our new city! We were welcomed to Austin!

We can see downtown from our window... (this is not the actual view, we are a little further away)

We live on this street...

One of the many great things about this place is the food trailer parks. We had a "Hey Cupcake", fried Mac 'n cheese and a corn dog. There are hundreds of places like this throughout the city! Yum!

 We celebrated our 1 year anniversary last week too! Best year of our lives! Love you Ben. He is such the best husband ever! He even took me to some of the sites from the show Friday Night Lights! It is one of our favorite shows and just happened to be filmed right here in Austin! Go Dillon Panthers! "Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can't lose". The field is a little grown over with weeds growing through the turf. You can still see the "P" in the center of the field though! Also take a close look at how half the fieldhouse is red & grey and the other is blue & white. They used one side for the East Dillon Lions and the other for the West Dillon Panthers. The fields were even back to back. Very ineresting.

We even saw Matt Saracen and Smash Williams houses from the show and passed the real Landing Strip!

After which we went to "Gourdough's", the best gourmet doughnuts around!

Then cooled off at the Barton Spring Pool at Zilker Park.

And ended the night with the annual Zilker Park Hillside Summer Theater. A free play in the Park! We saw Footloose, and they announced next year is The Sound of Music! We are already excited!

I have now started work again and staying busy, we are making friends and eating lots! We love having new adventures together!


  1. Oh, WOW. The wait for this post was WELL worth it!!! A visit is definitely required! You've only been there about 10 days, and look at what you've done already! I'm just so excited for you guys I can't stand it. Everything looks so awesome! THANK YOU for all the pictures! I really can't believe you just missed living with all the cast of Friday Night LIghts. But you can dream about it every time you pass by The Landing Strip! Haha!

  2. P.S. -- That bbq with all the taxidermy is amazing!!! There's even an "Elmer Fudd" hanging up on the right side of the photo. And the boat-rowing raccoons! Ha! Real Texas.

  3. Stop it this looks so fun! I miss you Chels! It's good to hear you are doing good!! Seriously, Texas looks like the place to be!

  4. You have totally sold me on Austin! I'm so happy you guys love it! Happy Anniversary too! It only gets better!

  5. This is awesome! I am so happy you guys are loving TX! I've always wanted to visit Austin. the food sounds amazing too. and hello FNL! ha. i loove those pictures. the best.

  6. I have a feeling that you would make any place you live the best place ever!! But Austin does look amazing. I cannot wait to see you and Austin in a few weeks. The view out your apartment window is beautiful.

  7. that sounds like a perfect anniversary :) and that pool looks amazing! a fun suggestion: float down the guad...what is it? the guad something river in innertubes, and it lets you off near a place called the Grist Mill River Restaurant. It is soo good and the views are amazing. i think the restaurant is like 1 hour away from austin. totally worth it though! look it up!

    Libby on the Label

  8. Chels I want to be you when I grow up! I love Austin! And I love FNL. So jealous!