Europe Trip 2011!

Next Sunday we are leaving for Europe with our friends Beth and Kris! Going to France, Italy and Spain. Anyone have suggestions of some "must sees" to add to our list in these spots?

While skyping Beth and Kris gave us their best tourist shot! Aren't they cute!?


  1. I am so, so, so, so, SOOOOO EXCITED for you guys!!! Sneak me in a suitcase?

  2. oh my gosh i cant believe you took a pic of us! you are too funny. this time next week we'll be eating a danish in paris. cant wait.

  3. email me- Barcelona has some amazing food and beautiful architecture- tapas, and a churro, you must see as many museums in Paris as possible,and get a crepe, plus go to a small bakery and get a eclair- they will change your life; and if you are in Rome just plan to walk 20 miles- gelato is a must from anywhere, multiple times a day, plus find a small cute pasta restaurant and eat lots- with the sparkling water, but be careful some deserts have coffee in them.