And the journey begins... first stop: LONDON

How can 2 weeks go by so fast!? Europe was absolutely magical! We saw so many beautiful things and experienced so many different cultures, languages, food, people, and ways of transportation. We stayed in hostels and cheap hotels, all with only a backpack and Tevas!

But best of all we got to enjoy it all with 2 of our favorite people!
We first flew from LAX to London... We met up with Beth and Kris Peterson at the train station and the journey began...

Took a stroll through Hyde Park

Rode in a London Taxi

Saw Big Ben

We had some amazing fish and chips, walked the beautiful streets, even though we didn't run into Will and Kate we had an amazing time! I would move to London in a heart beat!

Then we took a Ferry to Paris...

stay tuned...


  1. Oh, my GOSH! I LOVE these pictures! Sooooo exciting! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. yes! and i think everyone should know that the pic of you guys holding hands under the table was a candid. that's just how cute you guys are. such flirts ;) can't wait to see more! love you

  3. I'm obsessed. And totally jealous. I want to see and read more!

  4. Graham and I loved London. I'm searching for a reason to live there.

    Looks like a fabulous trip! I'm cracking up about the sleeper train. My best friend and I backpacked Europe right after high school, and we had the weirdest people in our sleepers with us.