These last couple weeks have been crazy busy! We had so much fun seeing my not so little nephew Lincoln and Sister-in-Law Natalie. We got to see her speak at Ruth's Chris for Sounds of Pertussis regarding baby Gavin's story. She spoke to many medical professionals, did a fabulous job and looked absolutely amazing!

We went to a special banquet for graduates! Ben is done with his Master's program in Biomedical Science. He is so smart! I am baffled to think he received more credits in 9 months than a 2 year Masters program! He worked so hard! I am so proud of him! Graduation is next Friday!

At Nordstrom my friend Michelle and I are the Ella Moss and Splendid Specialists. To pick up some Volume in our store we planned a fun event to motivate the girls! The winners of our Bingo game would win a Sprinkles cupcake! We all had fun and it was a huge success!

Don't pay attention to my nails! Im embarrassed!

Last Sunday Ben and I went to the park, played some frisbee and badminton

We went to eat and had some frozen yogurt with our friends! The Roberts are off to Iceland then Provo for residency. We had so much fun being close to them!

Our cute bearded husbands

This week has started the half yearly sale at work! I have worked 6 days strait! Finally get a Sunday break tomorrow, looking forward to spending some time with my graduate!


  1. First, I need to mention how AMAZING you look, Chelsea! OH, and you, too, of COURSE, Ben:) I can't believe you guys had time to fit all that fun stuff in between work, etc. Love your motivational sales idea -- so awesome!

  2. I second that Shelly, Chelsea looks AMAZING. That pic of you and Ivy is to die for. Her eyes are unreal. I miss the Princes already.