Happy Memorial Day

Somehow it worked out that this Memorial Day Ben and I both had the day off of work! And it just so happened that our friends Katie and Dan didn't have to work either.
Dan is one of the Chefs at the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro and Katie is a Chef at a really fancy private club here is Austin. They are definitely great friends to have when looking for a good place to eat.
Katie used to work at this amazing resort about 45 minutes away called Horseshoe Bay resort. She had some great connections and were able to spend our memorial day out on the lake, swimming in pools and playing some mini golf. It was maybe the fanciest mini golf course I had seen! Waterfalls, flamingos, parrots, turtles and all!
We of course had some great meals too. On the way we stopped at this amazing restaurant called Jack Allen's where we had some great guacamole, burgers, and chicken. All local and organic. And we ended the day with some yummy Thai food. Our fave.
We had a great day in the sun! And I even got a hole in 1!


  1. Such fun!! All that food sounds amazingly delectable!! Very cute pictures -- how darling you are pregnant! Dying to see you.

  2. Good food, good friends, good surroundings...sounds like a perfect day! Congrats on the hole in one!

  3. You guys are always doing the funnest activities. I love reading your blog and seeing what you guys are up to. We missed you and Ben so much this last week. We wish we could have ALL been together.

  4. Looks like a fantastic day! You are adorable.