A day away from Nordstrom

As many of you know Ben and I are both Nordstrom employees. While I am running around like a crazy pregnant lady selling designer jeans, Ben is just a few feet away waiting tables at the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro. With our very demanding schedules it is very rare that we are lucky enough to have a day off together, but when we do we always try to make the most of it!
This Monday was one of those lucky days. After doing some research and taking a good look at our Austin "To Do" list we decided to take the 30 minute drive to the Hamilton Pools and Falls.
On the way we had an amazing run-in with some beautiful Buffalo. We enjoyed a remarkable drive through some Texas hill country passing by huge Texan ranches.
One of our favorite things to do it just drive together and enjoy our amazing surroundings. Sometimes the drive is just as fun as the destination.
It was a short hike to the falls. We had packed a delicious picnic which we enjoyed on the beach and just had a great day having fun in the sun!

Once we left the pool, we of course felt like it couldn't be a perfect day without donuts, so that was our next stop.
After showering and resting a bit at home we ended our day with a drive out to the Salt Lick. We love the Salt Lick! Some of the best BBQ you will ever have! We went with some of our friends. I am so lucky to work with such fun girls. I love all the close friends we have made here in Austin.
And to make the day even better, while at Salt Lick we were approached by The Travel Channel! The same guy from Man vs. Food is making a new show about the best sandwiches in America! They filmed both Ben and I so be looking for us is the Southwest episode!!

Meet my friends, Shannon, Caroline, Kristen and Megan! Love these girls!
Now wish us luck this week as we head into the Half Yearly Sale! Come in, shop, and grab a bite to eat!


  1. Ahhh!!! I MUST go to Hamilton Pool and Falls! Wow! Great pictures, and what a FUN day! And the buffalo in the middle of the road?? What the? Amazing. Your friends are awesome, you and Ben are so cute, and I'm dying for some of that bbq! Great post, Chelsea!

  2. Of course they filmed you, you cuties! Oh and congratulations on your baby news!

  3. You guys are so much fun! Congrats on the baby by the way!