Day 5 Roatan Honduras

I have always wanted to go to Central America and on this cruise we got to stop on a little island called Roatan in Honduras! This was one really cool spot. We loved the people, the colorful buildings, the culture, the monkeys, the snorkeling. All of it!

Bob had set up a great tour with a local man named Alonzo. He really showed us a good time. We drove around the beautiful hills and stopped at a beautiful lookout point with a little marketplace.

He then took us into the jungle to see some wildlife. We got to play with monkeys, see toucans, parrots, etc.

The monkey reeeeaaallly liked Dani...

Then we went to the beach and got on a boat to a great snorkeling spot!

We got a great dish of rice, beans, fried plantains and IGUANA!!!! It wasn't too bad....

After such a fun day we headed back to the ship, saw a beautiful sunset and again had some great food!


  1. The two of you are such great photographers! Wonderful pictures. The one of you and Ben at the sunset is gorgeous!

  2. I was JUST going to say the same thing as Diane! I think I will:) That picture of you two is awesome! Gorgeous. What a fun place. I've always been interested in going to Honduras - lucky you!!!