Day 4 Cozumel Mexico

On day 4 we had a very fun day planned with buggies in the jungle, and snorkeling. We chose this excursion because it was one of the only ones that didn't specifically say pregnant women couldn't go on it. Many have pregnancy restrictions. However, upon arrival we were informed I was not allowed to go on it because I was pregnant. As bad as I felt the family was persistent on sticking together and it turned out for the best. We saved money and had a day that we will remember forever! We rented scooters and rode them around the island, went to the beach, and ate some great Mexican food. The waves were too big to snorkel anyway. We had a blast!

We got a flat tire and pulled over to a little store on the side of the road. We got to hang out with this guy. We became great friends. We got water and ice cold coconuts. He loved being in all our pictures. I also got to introduce my Mother in-law to the wonderful world of Mexican dresses. She ended up buying a beautiful one. I really like the one pictured but she found an even better one!

Ben loves making friends with the animals


  1. What a fun trip and it seems like your in-laws are such fun people!

  2. This did turn out to be one of the best days of the trip. I am really getting the after cruise blues. Wish it could have lasted longer!

  3. Oh, my GOODNESS! I just love all that you did!!! You all look so healthy, happy, toned and tanned. Doesn't Diane look darling it her Mexican dress? (My favorite article of clothing in the entire world). What a gorgeous place. Great beaches! Such FUN!!!

  4. These are all so good! It looks like you guys had a blast.