We are Thankful

It was a very Happy Thanksgiving! As much as both Ben and I would have loved to be with family this year on Thanksgiving, we made the most of it as our own little family. I had work off this week but Ben didn't, and since I was feeling a bit under the weather, I enjoyed catching up on great television, finding out that I need glasses and just kickin' back and relaxing sipping hot cocoa.
There are many things I am thankful for but most of all I am thankful for this guy....

(isn't he the cutest?... I know I sure am a lucky girl)
Ben is quite the romantic. He may get a little embarrassed about this post but I think everyone needs to know how absolutely incredible he is. To go along with his dashing good looks, he is the most thoughtful man alive. 
Recently Ben was out of town for a few days. He knew how much I would miss him so he left sealed envelopes with little love notes inside to go along with each day he was gone for me to open each morning.
The other day Ben came to pick me up from work and when I came outside he was helping a woman with her flat tire. Ben changed the flat tire within minutes, when there were many people who just drove on by.
Ben continues to get the car door for me every time we go anywhere!
He always tells me he thinks I'm beautiful, even when I'm not wearing any make-up.
He is a handy-man. When something needs to be fixed, he fixes it instantly! Its amazing what he knows how to do!
He even cleans and does dishes!
He makes me Top Ramen and takes care of me when I'm sick.
He is really funny, and super fun to hang out with.
He is instantly everyone's best friend! The other day, a girl I work with said "Did you know you are married to the nicest guy in the world?!" I responded "Yes, I do know that". I don't want anyone to think he is unappreciated. He REALLY is the NICEST guy in the world.
He makes me so happy!
(ok it was super cheesy, but I mean every word)

Anyways. On Thanksgiving, Ben woke up early to go play indoor soccer at the church while I slept in. Then we left for a beautiful drive to Fredericksburg, Texas. The best part of this trip was being with Ben. One of my favorite things about being married is always getting to enjoy things with my best friend in the whole world. I love how he gets excited about little things and how we appreciate the same things. Even though some people may think we are crazy, we are always on the same page and always just understand each other! I just love him so much! Road trips always seem to make us fall more in love. It was on a road trip that we knew we were going to marry each other.  Mark Twain even said; 
"I found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them".
 Fredericksburg was settled by Germans and still has a very fun German charm. It's a small little getaway. We went to a cute little inn for Thanksgiving dinner, which was absolutely delicious! We sat next to the cutest couple from San Antonio who were celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary. The man was wearing his nicely pressed "wrangler's" and a very nice cowboy hat. They instantly became our great friends.

One of the best things about Texas is people watching. Santa must have gone on a diet...

After our delicious meal we went to the town square and took a little nap. One of Ben's favorite things do is take naps at landmarks including on a bench in front of the White House, Central Park, Toledo Spain and many other places.

I think I cut in line after the Asian boy. The boy in green wasn't too happy. Oops.

We honored the peace between the Pilgrims and Indians and gave thanks.

We then walked the town and enjoyed the festivities.

On the way home we saw sheep, lots of deer, cows, horses, bulls, etc...

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Loved your post! I would have to agree with you Chelsea, Ben is a great guy. The two of you have always brought out the best in each other. It looks like Thanksgiving was another wonderful adventure! Love you.

  2. Do you have ANY idea how much I LOVE this post?! Thank you for sharing this, Chelsea! And thanks for embarrassing Ben -- the PERFECT husband for you! (You're quite the photographer, you know!)

  3. I miss you guys. Chels one of my favorite things about you is one of your favorite things about Ben, it's the way you get way excited about little things, it makes you such a great tourist. Anyway, I love you and miss you!

  4. Loved your blog about Ben & your Fredericksburg trip. We are spending Christmas there at a little B&B. Gene & I also LOVE road trips. You two should go with us on our next road trip to Gonzales, TX - another fun place to explore!

  5. What a great guy! Chels you are pretty fantastic yourself. Love you!

  6. I love you so much, Chelsea! I love that you and Ben are having so many fun experiences and making so many happy memories-just the two of you-before your family arrives. You two are such a perfect couple!

  7. I love it! I'm a little jealous. And I wish I could have seen you climb into a tiny-child-size gingerbread house in person.

  8. Love this post - im stealing his note idea! im going out of town for work this week and going to leave joels some :) love you!

  9. You two are so cute! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We missed you guys.