a step in time

Over this past weekend Ben and I had the opportunity to go to Erie Pennsylvania where Ben attended one of his medical school interviews. I am so proud of him and all the hard work he puts into succeeding, not only occupationally but as a wonderful husband. He is so wonderful and makes me so happy!
One amazing thing that I didn't even know was just how close Erie Pennsylvania was to one of my favorite most prized places in the world! Cleveland OHIO!!!!!
That may sound funny to some, why Ohio? Well, Ohio is a very special place to me. In the summer of 2007 I was called as a missionary for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was called to teach people about the Savior Jesus Christ and to share with them the message that His original church found in the New Testament has been restored to the earth! That there continues to be revelation through prophets! I shared with people what our purpose is in this life and what happens to us after. And that we are all children of God.
On my mission, I had the wonderful privilege to also serve as a tour guide and missionary at our church historic sites in Kirtland Ohio where much of the restoration and beginning stages of the church occurred. In Ohio, my testimony was strengthened in the Savior. I met many people that I grew to love and all around became a better person as I came to truly know who I am and what my responsibilities are as a daughter of God.
I recently made a www.mormon.org profile to express who I am because I am a member of the church. You can see my profile at http://mormon.org/me/5ZHW/.
We flew into Cleveland Ohio and hurried to Kirtland to have lunch at "Penn Station". I love the sandwiches there and would eat there often when I lived in Ohio. We then went to the Kirtland Temple for a tour. The Kirtland Temple was the first temple built since the church had been restored. Many remarkable things happened there in the 1800's and it still stands today as a witness of the sacrifices and the faith of early members of the church.

It was a rainy day that day so I was kind of bummed to carry an umbrella. After the temple we went and visited a home across the street where I lived for 9 months of my 18 month mission. They call this home the "Hyrum Smith Home", because in the 1800's this is where Joseph Smith's brother, Hyrum, and his family lived. I love all the fall colors!

We then headed down to this historic sites at the bottom of the hill. I was the most excited for this! It was still raining when we arrived. We met some of the missionaries serving there now and at the start of the tour were invited to watch a 20 minute movie showing a brief history of the Kirtland area. As the movie ended and we headed out to see the sites. The rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out! It seemed like a miracle! I loved the tour so so so much! It was so fun to have so many wonderful feelings and memories come pouring back to me! I was so so happy! I love Kirtland!

After Kirtland we visited Fairport Harbor which was another one of my area but we couldn't see much since it was dark. We then headed to Erie PA for the night.
The next morning I took Ben to his interview, went back to sleep for a little while then picked him up. We think the interview went well. We then toured Erie a little by driving down the peninsula. I couldn't get over how pretty it was! So many fall colors and fresh crisp air throughout the entire trip!

After a day in Erie we headed back to Ohio to see some of the other places I called "home" for a short while. It was so fun showing Ben some of the places I grew to love so much.
We went to Chardon first. Chardon is a cute small town with a cute town square. It always reminded me of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls!

After leaving Chardon, we headed a few miles away to Burton! I love Burton! It's so charming and quaint. Burton is very famous for their maple syrup! So delicous! We stayed in Burton for the night at a little beautiful bed & breakfast in the hills!

View from our balcony.

The next morning after breakfast we headed to Middlefield! True Amish country! While there we visited the Middlefield Cheese Factory of course, and just drove around enjoying the entire area and culture!

What's cuter than two little Amish girls!?
(great picture Ben)

We had lunch at Mary Yoders and then headed to Hiram to the John Johnson Home to visit more historic sites! The Johnson home is really amazing!

Ben standing on original steps

Then to Kent! Kent was my first area on my mission! I instantly fell in love with it! Not only because it is where you can find all black squirrels but because it where I met my dear friends Heather, Jose and Nancy! It was a very special day to celebrate with them. We had so much fun! Heather and Jose have the cutest little boys! I love this family so much! They have influenced my life in so many ways!

Before meeting up with them, Ben and I had a little time to sip hot chocolate and see the city.

Last of all we headed back to Cleveland that night to sleep. Woke up the next morning, hit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and headed back to Austin.
Although it was short, and I wish I had time to visit more people that I had grown so close to, it was really a truly wonderful and uplifting trip. It was perfect and well needed!


  1. Wow, wow, WOW! Best post EVER, Chelsea!!! My gosh, your pictures are incredibly gorgeous. I'm still just overjoyed that you guys were able to go there. What a thrill that must have been!
    Love you!

  2. What an amazing trip! You packed so much into those few days you were there. The timing was perfect to see all of the fall colors. I still look forward to a time that you can be our tour guide. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your incredible testimony!

  3. oh yes yes yes i LOVE this!!!! So glad you got to go back to Ohio, especially in October! It reminded me of when Mike and I went back last fall, such a BLESSING! Love Kirtland, Loved being your companion, Love the Gospel, and Love you!!!

  4. Oh this post warms my heart! I love Kirtland. Any chance you will be coming to Indy? That would be awesome. I love you and hope all of Ben's interviews go well!

  5. This post just made me so happy. So so happy! Your pictures are beautiful and I'm so jealous you got to see the Ramirez family. So happy I got to meet you in beautiful Ohio. Love you friend!

  6. I'm so glad you and Ben went to Ohio! What a great trip. All of your pictures look so fun. Love you guys.

  7. you're so adorable. i love those fall trees. they are the best!

    love your "i'm a mormon" profile. makes me want to make one!

  8. I enjoyed reading this so very much; remembering my meeting time there with you Sister N., and Sister H., and Bishop P. Those were great times! And being Fall, this was a great time for great colorful pictures to a great colorful blog. Thanks Chelsea and Ben!

  9. I may have teared up at work when I read this...miss you so much!! We need to all go back someday soon...