South of France

On our way to Spain we stopped in Nice and Monaco. Ben and I had to share a room at our hostel with some random guy who had the loudest, most strange sounding snore in the world! Nice and Monaco were beautiful! We were hoping for a run in with Brad and Angelina, it didn't happen.

Ben covered me in rocks at the beach

There was a man selling dununas on the beach. We didn't know what a dununa was so we bought one. Turns out dununas are doughnuts. Nothing better than doughnuts (dununas) on the beach!


The Monte Carlo


  1. INCREDIBLE! These are simply amazing. What a trip! I'm so happy you're sharing.

  2. That looks so pretty, and you look so skinny mini in your swimsuit. Miss you!

  3. So many wonderful sights in one trip! Thanks for posting all of these incredible pictures.