Provo to Park City to SLC

Ben, Hadley and I headed north for a few days. We got to see lots of friends. Heather's family, Richie's family and my Dad were all in town so we were able to all get together and go fishing at Spring Lake in Payson.

It was fun staying with Heather and her family. We enjoyed Provo.

We visited cousin Bayley at work.

 It felt good to get out of the heat and see beautiful Park City.
 We took a gondola ride up to the top of the mountain. It was gorgeous. Hadley loved it!

 I saw Andrea and Breanna and got to meet their cute babies! So good to reunite with mission sisters!

 Ben went with some of his buddies to the USA vs Cuba soccer game. USA won!

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  1. I have no words....other than these are my FAVORITE photos ever!!! What amazing memories of an amazing summer! The Summer of 2013. Love it!