Daddy Day

I am so happy that there is a day set aside to honor all the amazing fathers out there. This being Ben's first Father's Day really gave me the opportunity to stop and recognize just how wonderful he really is! Ben has been the best Daddy to Hadley. She loves him so much.
It has been a wonderful 9 months being able to see Ben in his element. He was really made for this role. He has done such a good job in balancing his school with his family life. He always puts forth a good effort to come home in time to say family prayers, sing and tuck Hadley into bed. He reads to her and plays with her. I love his excitement for every new thing she does and how proud he is of her. He talks about her and brags to his friends about how really great his daughter is.
Hadley and I are sad he is away for his first Father's Day but we want him to know how much we love him. We are so grateful for the sacrifices he is making for our family and our country. Our love for him grows stronger every day!

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  1. I agree with you Chelsea, I love watching both of you being parents to sweet Hadley! Love you all bunches!!