student doctor second lieutenant officer Benjamin robert prince

After lots of prayer and research we decided that Ben should apply for the Air Force health professions scholarship program. There are so many benefits that come with it for medical students and it would give Ben the opportunity to serve our country. They pay for tuition, make it possible to live in some pretty amazing places and have incredible experiences.
Thankfully Ben has been accepted and was sworn into the United States Air Force last week. I am so proud of him and his desire to support our family and serve our country.
He has a 3 year commitment after medical school to the Air Force and they could send us anywhere to serve as a doctor on a military base.
Exciting, and nerve racking. Lots of blessings that come along with it. We are excited for the adventure! So proud of you Ben!
Thanks Richie and Natalie for being there and taking pictures!

One of Ben's professors, Dr. Hume, was able to swear Ben in.


  1. A day in your lives that I wish I could have shared with you. So proud of Ben and you, the beautiful supportive wife! Congrats!!