Christmas time is the best time

It has been a few months since I have last posted. I am loving being a Mom and giving it my all. Hadley is now 7 months old! I can not believe how fast time flies. Yes, she is 7 months old and I am finally feeling like I am catching up with myself. I finally feel like we have a routine. She is down to 2 naps each day so I feel like I can leave the house more often, she can sit on my hip with her head held high. This makes my life a lot easier and I am feeling a whole lot more like ME again! This all goes hand in hand with getting back on track and blogging again. This blog is really our families journal and documents our life's adventures so they will never be forgotten.

I am picking right back up to document Christmas 2012! It was our first Christmas with family since we have been married. We spent it with the Norton side this year. The Norton clan rented a house in Flagstaff Arizona and we had a blast! It will definitely be remembered forever.

Before we headed up to the Norton High Dessert Holiday we got our own Christmas tree and also went to the Glendale Christmas Glitter Festival.

We met up with our friends the Langs for some tasty BBQ! They opened a Rudy's here in AZ. Felt like we were in Texas again. And Hadley got to meet her friends Lola and Ivy!

We of course carried on the Prince Family Pancake Decorating Contest tradition. The theme this year was "Favorite Christmas Memories".
My memory was that one year my Dad dressed up as Santa and drove around town in a limo delivering candy to family friends.
Ben's memory was caroling on a trailer hooked to his Grandpa Larson's truck every year.
Hadley's was decorating the Christmas tree with her Mom and Dad for the first time in her life.

We definitely were spoiled

My mom prepared the best nativity. She even made all the costumes. It was amazing. Hadley was the perfect baby Jesus.

Aunt Natalie telling the kids about hearing Santa and his reindeer on the roof that night.

 It was a white Christmas

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