Hadley Michelle Prince

This has been, hands down, the most incredible month of my life. I had no idea how wonderful it would be to be a mom.
The weeks leading up to the hospital day were rough. I was anxious and didn't know if I was up to the task at hand. I was very scared. Extremely excited to meet the little one whom I had been carrying around in my belly but very nervous. I never do well the couple weeks before a life changing event. I didn't know how I was supposed to care for my baby. I was nervous about being home so much when I have been working for so long. Even though Ben and I took child birth classes nothing can really prepare you for your own unique child and birth without just experiencing it.
With my due date not too far away my doctor talked to us about our plans for the baby. We decided that if the baby didn't come a few days after my due date that I would get induced (best decision of my life). September 18th came and went.
We received the phone call around 10:00 pm on September 20th to head to the hospital and off we went.
After such a long and hard pregnancy I was sure my labor and delivery would be just as bad. Everything went perfect though. We checked in and the nurses got me comfortable and ready for the event! After beginning the process of being induced around 10:30, not long after I began to feel contractions. The nurses were great and told me that I could get my epidural whenever I wanted. That's all I needed to hear and I asked them to make it happen! The epidural was perfect and everything was great after that. If any of you know me, I have the lowest pain tolerance of anyone you'll ever meet.
The next morning, Friday September 21, 2012, we woke up. The nurses checked me at about 4 to see that not much had progressed. They figured that it would be a late afternoon or early evening delivery. So at about 8, Ben decided to go get breakfast. Right after he left I felt like the baby was about to come out! Luckily he didn't take long and we called the nurse. One quick look and she informed me that things were ready! I had dilated 8-9 cm. The baby was coming!! Dr. Bass was surprised how fast things had progressed and was quick to arrive. He got things situated, had me push once, adjusted her and with the next push out came beautiful Hadley at 8:57 am weighing 7 lbs 3 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long! Our perfect DAUGHTER! I had never felt such joy and love! They immediately laid her on my chest and she looked me in the eyes. I love her so much! I am her mama.
Hadley hadn't been a name we had been considering much. It had been mentioned in some of our conversations but we had narrowed it down to a couple others. The night before she was born it came up again and felt more right. When we saw her, we knew the other names didn't fit the way Hadley did. Hadley it was.
She continued to be perfect as she slept so often that we would always wake her to eat and when it was time to eat she instantly knew exactly what to do! Such a blessing relief. After a couple nights at the hospital with our healthy baby we then went home. A whole new life ahead of us. We can't wait to start our life with this little one.
Since then, she has already grown so much! I just try to soak every second in.
We have been so lucky to have family helping us and visiting. I was so grateful to have my mom here. She came about a week before Hadley was born and for the week after. She was the biggest help. She would let me sleep when Hadley was awake, she would make us dinners, she taught me so many things about being a mom. My whole life she has been teaching me though. I just pray that I can be as selfless and wonderful as my mom. She is the perfect mom for me. I hope I can have that same relationship with my little girl.
When my mom left Ben's mom and sister came. They were just as big of a help! We had a great time! They made some gourmet meals and spent time with Hadley and me. They were great company when Ben was at school studying till 2 in the morning every night. Ben and I are so lucky to have come from such great families. He has one amazing mom himself. She is the sweetest. I know where Ben gets it!
We are learning knew things about Hadley everyday.
Hadley loves to sleep just like her mom and dad. She loves her binky and wants to suck all day long. She rarely cries. She has been smiling since almost day one. We still can't figure out what color of hair she will have, sometimes it looks brown, sometimes red and sometimes blonde. Time will tell. It's fun to think of all the surprises to come. She has such personality already, so many good facial expressions, she even gives a giggle every once in a while. She loves to snuggle. We love family cuddle time. She has the cutest feet. We love to feel her soft hair on the back of her head above her neck. She loves to be rocked asleep. She loves music. She is very attentive and alert. She makes eye contact and loves learning and examining her new surroundings.
She is the very best! We never knew this kind of love existed. Ben often says that he knew that having a kid would be fun but he never knew that it would be this much fun! I want her to grow up to be a strong, happy, beautiful daughter of God. I hope we can raise her to make good choices and know how to be the best she can be.
We are sooooo blessed.

She loves to snuggle Daddy

She is so good at making friends

Her first bath

First Dr. Visit

I can't and I wont stop taking pictures...


  1. BEAUTIFUL post!!! Perfect beginning for precious Hadley. She is loved by so many. You are both amazing as parents. Congratulations!

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  3. Chelsea, she is so so beautiful! I'm so happy for you. You are an adorable mom and she is one lucky little girl. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  4. So happy for you Chels! Baby Hadley is perfect, and so lucky to have such awesome parents! Can't wait for her and James to meet! Love you!!

  5. Congrats on your little girl! That first one changes your life in such a unique way.

  6. I love this post more than you can even imagine! Such beautiful thoughts and words, and I LOVE all the pictures! I'm missing Hadley SO MUCH! You're such a good mom, Chelsea.