What we have been up to.

I have been a bit under the weather with my constant nausea, working, and vomiting almost every night but I wont let that keep us from having some fun! There is a lot to catch up on!
First, Valentines Day!!!!
Ben is so wonderful, I honestly feel like almost everyday is Valentines Day! He made me a home made Lasagna from scratch! He even made one the the cheeses inside! I love having a live-in Italian chef! He also got me flowers of course and we had a fun day together!

February 26th!!!! Ben turned 27!!!!! His birthday week was kind of crazy with our busy schedules so it was kind of spread out through the week. But on his actual birthday all he wanted was to pet a dog! So I took him to the dog park at Auditorium Shores and he was sure excited when the first dog that ran up to him on his big day was his favorite, a Great Dane! Also the night before his birthday we went to the hugest Asian market ever and bought all the ingredients for a delicious Thai meal! We made Yellow Curry and Pad Thai! Yum!

Last weekend was the 84th Annual Zilker Park Kite Festival! This festival has been going on since 1929!! Amazing! It was so huge that there were numerous parking garages around the city where you could park and take a school bus to the park! Thats what we did! There were seriously thousands and thousands of kites on the most beautiful Spring day!!!!
(we sat in the back of the bus, naturally)

Then just a couple nights ago we got to go to the Dr. Dog concert at Stubbs BBQ. It was raining which actually made it more fun! They passed out trash bag like ponchos and we danced and enjoyed some good music in the rain! I gave the tickets to Ben for Christmas.


  1. You guys are just so awesome! And -- I LOVE Austin and I haven't even been there. Seriously -- what an amazing place and I'm so glad you make the most of it! So fun to see some new photos!

  2. I just love you guys. Happy belated Bday Ben! Glad you're trying to have fun through the sickness Chels! I keep checking back here to get the insider scoop on the babes gender! You need to post a pic of your teeny baby bump you stinker!


    Your kite day looked like a dream.

  4. Loved the new post. Good times! A great couple that loves life ... and I love both of you for that.

  5. Such a fun blog post! We miss you guys a lot. Love you.