The Capital of Texas ZOO

This last week Ben and I actually had a day off together. We searched through our Groupons to see what date we should go on. We had one to the Capital of Texas Zoo. Growing up in San Diego I was used to the Zoo almost being like Disneyland. Also, I always remember the lions never being out to see because they were hiding in the bushes of the huge African safari jungle land. This zoo was a very different experience. We were the only ones there, we had to honk to let anyone know we had arrived, they let me hold the snake, we got super close to the animals and got to feed and pet most of them. The animals cages weren't African sized but the animals were well taken care of. We loved being able to be so up close and personal to the animals!

I promise we were nice to the animals, I'm throwing food to him not a rock at him I swear.


  1. What in the world??!! I've never seen such a thing! I guess we've been spoiled by San Diego, but that looked like so much fun to be so up-close and personal! I'm so glad you guys are doing such cool things together. LOVE the pictures and the video was awesome!

  2. Chelsea, you brave girl! I would have run from the snake! Looked like a fun time for you and the animals...well maybe not for the lion.

  3. "stomp your feet" hahaha. I miss you guys.