A night out in our city

Ben and I have the entire weekend off! Amazing! Last night we decided to go out on the town. We went down South Congress and went into some fun shops we have never been to and enjoyed what our streets had to offer us. Austin never ceases to amaze us! Where else can you find a wolf playing the violin?!

For Christmas Erik, Kindsay, Ruby and Sunday gave us this 5 foot remote control shark! We took it to the local grocery store (HEB) to fill it up, assembled it and now can't stop playing with it! He seriously swims around like a real shark! It feels like we live in an aquarium! Ruby named him Jimmy for us. He kind of started freaking us out though when he follows us around when he is turned off, and somehow snuck into our room last night.

Here is a video on YouTube that we found of it swimming! Doesn't it look real?

 And now we are off to San Antonio for the weekend! Have a Happy New Year!


  1. Oh. My. GOSH!!! This is your greatest post yet... a violin-playing wolf in front of "I love you so much"?! What could be greater than that?? Unless it's the guy on the street playing drums. Or those stores! But really, the flying giant shark, Jimmy?!!! I really, really, really need to come there. This is so amazing!!!!!! Have a blast in San Antone -- take tons more pictures, please.

  2. Awesome, just like deep fishing in Mexico,


  3. I'm glad you guys like your pet. We should play with our sharks sometime and have them race against each other. FUN!