Happy Easter 2011

Easter is always a very fun holiday! Even though we had to spend another holiday away from family we made the best of it! We had so much fun carrying on traditions, eating yummy food, and enjoying the Spring weather. Even though we did dye Easter eggs we always will remember the true meaning of Easter. That is that Jesus Christ our Savior Lives!

On Friday we went swimming, I actually drove the scooter and Ben rode on the back holding our floaty toy. It was quite the sight!

We made a new friend name Sheila, she comes and sleeps on our railing every night lately, we can get really close to her and she isn't scared of us. My mom told me to put water out for baths and some bread. I think she liked it!

I made a dinner for 10 just for Ben and I. We were begging neighbors to come take some. We might have left overs for a month.

I made my moms amazing cheesy potatoes

Her famous Frog Eye Salad, Ben had never had it before, he loves it now.

                                                                   Salad, thank-you Jenna

We had Ham, and rolls even

And of course Cupcakes!

Hope you had a Happy Easter too!


  1. "I made a dinner for 10 just for Ben and I." Bwahaha! You crack me up, Chelsea. I just LOVE this post! The pictures are awesome and I think that was the coolest Easter for two people I've ever seen. Love it! Now, go rest.

  2. Everything looks AMAZING! What an accomplished wifey you are.

  3. You guys are the cutest. That dinner looks amazing, I'm wishing we were your neighbors now. (Yes, I basically just said I'd be willing to move to Glendale to get in on those potatoes. :)

  4. Cutest wife ever. You seriously made a feast, and it looks amazing. That salad looks incredible. You are a pro. I want to come over and go swimming with you!

  5. Your Easter dinner looked scrumptious!! And the eggs were perfect. We miss both of you so much. We are excited for the big day in June.

  6. that food loks amazing! and how did you make that plaid egg?!

  7. WOW Chels!!! You are such a cute wife! I'm glad you guys had a happy easter. I love that you named the bird!!! HA HA HA! We need set up a visit because we sure miss you guys!