snow day

One of the great things about moving to AZ is that we get to be closer to our friends the Langs. On Saturday Ben got to go with his new friend Geoff snowboarding. Ben was very excited since he hasn't been able to go snowboarding in a very long time since he has been working so diligently in school. I'm glad they were able to snap some quick shots for their wives!

Although I'm not sure if this friendship is the greatest after Stacie stumbled upon some disturbing footage of them bullying some teenagers.
(I'll be honest though, I was laughing pretty hard)


  1. Calling those 8 year old kids teenagers is giving Benfrey the benefit of the doubt. Geoff is still on cloud nine from their play date.

  2. Hahahaha! I LOVED those videos! What a son-in-law I have....I thought it was funny that Ben was throwing snowballs at other skiers -- and then I heard the high, squeeky voices yelling back! Haha. These are GREAT pictures of you, by the way, Ben.

  3. I was laughing equally as hard, I assure you. Those two are awesome together.

  4. happy i found your blog through the grapevine....glad to see that marriage hasn't changed ben :)

    ps. i still think about your wedding reception all the time. one of my favorites.

    tell ben hi!

  5. cutie. dane is still mad that you took a potential snowboarding buddy out of his state. maybe someday they will be the cousin-friends that we all know they are meant to be.

  6. haha i thought those videos were hilarious!