A couple nights ago one of my high school BFFs texted me because she and her mom would be driving through Arizona on a road trip across the country from San Diego to Michigan. So, last night after the Grand Canyon they came and stayed at our house! It was so much fun to see them!
My Junior year of high school, Savanna and her sister Carissa were the new girls at school. After meeting Savanna in the gym locker room we instantly knew we were destined to be friends. Savanna, Carissa and I would hang out everyday after school. We would go get mexican food together, have sewing projects together (we made some really cute purses), go to the beach and have sleep overs all the time. It wasn't too long though later that they moved back to Michigan. Since then Savanna and Carissa have moved several times between San Diego and Michigan, while I have been in San Diego, Hawaii, Utah, Ohio and Arizona, distance has not weakened this bond. Every time we get together its as if we are still in high school and there has been no time apart.
Savanna and I stayed up late just chatting and catching up on life. Its crazy being grown ups! We woke up early, had waffles and they were on the road again! Until next time!


  1. Oh! Is it possible that she's more beautiful than ever? That must have been so fun for you both! Yay for great friends!

  2. I was going to say the same thing!! I remember her being sooo pretty and somehow shes even more beautiful! You guys look like models. Love you

  3. i just met her in my apartment complex a couple weeks ago! she was staying with my lovely neighbors. what a sweet girl!

  4. I would have LOVED a friend just like you when I was in HS, Chels. Lucky, lucky Savanna!