Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ben and my first Christmas as a married couple was our best yet. We were sad to be away from family but so happy we had each other! Normally if I had a job that made me work during the holidays I would have said "yeah right!" and quit, but now I am all grown up and need to be responsible because I have a family of my own to support while Ben is on his way to becoming the best doctor ever.
I am especially blessed because I got to be part of the world renowned Prince Family Christmas Eve Morning Pancake Decorating Competition. This is a very serious event that has occurred annually for almost 20 years! Even though neither of ours even made it to the top 3, I was still very impressed with our pancake skills!

Christmas morning was so much fun. Neither of us slept much because of the anticipation... well I didn't. I woke up around 7 am and tried for so long to get Ben out of bed, finally he rolled out! We got to open our stockings then all our presents! Ben is the best present chooser! So full of surprises and I loved everything! He loved his presents too!

I even cooked my first ham and Christmas dinner.

A few days later we were honored to have some very exciting guests in our home!

We got to meet baby Sunday, see little Ruby and play with Erik and Kindsay. We had so much fun! While they were here we even witnessed a Christmas Miracle! It snowed in Phoenix! 
Also for all you gamers out there, who ever doubted the idea that you can really slip on a banana peel? Well its a myth not able to be busted. While going out to the car one morning Ruby took off running on the sidewalk, we see her fly into the air and crash onto the cement to see she took a twirly whirl slip on in fact a banana peel! We had to capture it.
Sorry Ruby

And a very Happy New Year entering into 2011 with some of our favorite people! 
Thanks Jenna and Dustin for the awesome party!


  1. Oh, I LOVE this post!!! All your pictures are fantastic and made me feel like I was actually there for all that fun! (Your ham dinner looks wonderful.) The pancakes are incredibly impressive, and I can't believe you guys took a picture of poor little Ruby after falling on a banana peel! Oh, and by the way, Sunday looks like yours:)

  2. Oh, and look how cute Ben is! You guys are awesome.

  3. You are just too cute. Love the blog and I laughed all the way through the posts. Your pancakes, first Christmas dinner, the hamster or whatever it is.

  4. Ben, did I ever tell you what an awesome wife you have!! I loved the pictures and details of your holiday celebrations. Your pancakes were great. You were missed but we were so excited that you carried on the traditions and made pancakes. Love you both!!

  5. Ruby, I feel ya! I have totally slipped on a banana peel before! The part about not keeping a job around the holidays made me laugh pretty hard. That is so me! I guess we are friends for a reason.