The sky is Falling!

So yesterday I was at home watching Gilmore Girls of course. When the show was silenced because it sounded like we were at war! A giant storm had rolled in and it sounded like giant golf balls were being thrown at my apartment in every direction! It was super windy and had been pouring rain all day. I was seriously scared to even get off my couch because I honestly thought my windows were about to shatter or that I was about to be taken away by a tornado. After it had calmed down I found giant balls of ice outside my door! I had never seen hail like it before! I didn't realize it could even hail when it was 80 degrees outside! I am so glad Ben was at the Library and not riding on his scooter. He could have seriously been hurt! I hope everyone is okay. But it is a sign that Arizona is finally cooling down. Today it is only 74 out!


  1. How scary Chelsea! I have never seen hail that large. But I sure think you are married to a cute boy.

  2. Monsoon season is the best! But I've never seen anything like that...crazy!

  3. That is the HUGE-EST hail I've EVER seen. Amazing.