Hello Sports

For those of you who know me, you know I have never been much of a sports fan. I never understood them and thought they were so boring. I did however always find it fun to eat a hot dog at a Padres game, that was about it. Even though when I was six my dad was my soccer coach and we did come in first place at the Coronado tournament in San Diego.

Then Ben came into my life and opened my eyes to a whole new world of entertainment. It started in Salt Lake going to the Real Soccer games and then going all the way to win the MLS Cup. I loved it! I loved the mosh pit with the drummers at half-times, I even liked to watch it on TV. They were so fun!

Now, even when I was seven and played on the Elephantes I never really appreciated Basketball. But once again Ben has taught me better. We went to the Jazz vs. Suns game last night! Ben was excited to be the Jazz fans in the Suns stadium, even though we are excited to be Suns fans only when they aren't playing the Jazz.

The night started with some delicious Thai food at Thai Elephant (thanks Jenna for the suggestion).  We always love our Yellow Curry and Pad Thai.

Ben was determined to get Darrin Williams to sign his Jersey so we made it closer to the court and would yell to him. We got his attention a few times and got a few head nods.... We then moved closer to the tunnel so that when they ran out we could get him to sign the jersey.

Now we were ready, Ben had his sharpie and his Jersey and was dangling them through the bars, the team came through we got D-Will's attention and he thought about it, and proceeded to just give us high-fives. The rest of the team came through jumping up and giving us high-fives! It was fun. But disappointing that Ben didn't get his signature. But we did get to high-five the the team and the Jazz won!

Next he needs to convince me of football..... I still don't get that one.....


  1. Hahaha! Oh, how I love this post, Chelsea! I can't even tell you how HAPPY it makes me that Ben has helped you see the light regarding the excitement of sports. Looks like a really fun night! But what a rip that Ben didn't get his autograph. Sorry, Ben. Maybe next time...

  2. Oh Chels! There's a whole new world waiting for you. I love FOOTBALL! Pick a couple of good teams and follow them this season. You'll love it.

    Last fall I sat by Deron Williams on a flight to LA. Ha!! I had no clue who he was . . . but could tell he was "somebody" because the flight attendants were all gaga over him. (He finally put on his headphones--as protection against the gaga girls, I imagine.) Anyway, I finally let my curiosity get the best of me, and trying not to bother him too much, I just scribbled on the inside cover of the book I was reading, "So. Who ARE you?" and passed it over to him. He smiled and wrote "Deron Williams", and passed it back. And I wrote "??" (now that I know who he is, I just LAUGH at that one!) So he took off his headphones and we talked for the rest of the flight. He was very nice-and didn't seem a bit annoyed that I wasn't jumping out of my skin to gaga over him. We even laughed about whether his name was 'Der-on' or DEE-ron. Nice guy.

    Hmmm. I'll have to find that book. I guess I have Deron Williams' autograph, don't I.

  3. Cute, cute pictures. I thought for sure that by the end of the story you were going to tell us that Deron Williams signed Ben's jersey. Sorry Ben. Keep trying!

  4. Annie, that was the coolest comment, ever!

  5. HAHA Wow!!!! Annie! I cant wait to have Ben read that comment! He will flip! I feel like you always have cool stories like that! So lucky! And Diane, dont worry we arent giving up! I found out from the security guard that next time we need to come at least an hour and a half early and we should be able to get autographs, we will try that next time!

  6. hey peoples im an awesome person and i updated the blog. in your face too bad your too far away to tackle me hahahahahaha you didnt get your autograph. Read the blog!!!!!!!!!!