So most of you know the "memorable" honeymoon story but for those of you who don't I'll fill you in. After our reception in St. George we stayed in Las Vegas for a night before our flight to Cancun the following morning. We got to Vegas and because of availability we were able to receive a free upgrade! This was our experience... (our MTV Cribs home video).

Amazing right?? So it was off to a good start. We then woke up early to catch our flight, after arriving at the airport we were informed that our airline to Mexico had gone bankrupt, however they were able to switch our flight and still get us there by pulling a few strings.
We arrived in Cancun late that night and thought we should grab a bite to eat. This Hotel was the ME resort, MTV Real World was filmed there for a season. When we went to the beach side restaurant we got our overly priced meals and then went to bed.
Ben woke up in the middle of the night running to the toilet! FOOD POISENING!!! It was awful! The entire first day he was so so sick. I walked to the pharmacia to get him anything to settle his stomach. Nothing seemed to work. That night he did have me go get the second best massage in my life (next to Sister Heather Mildenstein, of course) in the hotel! it was incredible!
The next morning he was feeling better so we were picked up by Helaman for our tour of Chichen Itza with one other honeymoon couple. We had a great few hours there.

We then were taken to another resort for lunch and then were able to swim in this cool natural water hole and swim with the catfish!

It was right after this that I started to not feel well myself....I will spare you the graphic details, but you can imagine the two hour car ride back to Cancun. This is where the "Double Dragon" (as Ben calls it) occurred. And to keep a long story short, this is where I ended up.

Admitted into a Mexican hospital over night. It was my first time ever admitted to a hospital, let alone a Mexican hospital. There was blood splattered on the floors, no soap in the bathrooms and no one who spoke English to be found. We wont even start to discuss the stained bed/couch Ben slept on! haha! Quite the adventure!

We flew home early because of the circumstances. And finished our honeymoon in Vegas. We had a great time. Fine cuisine at Morton's Steakhouse, the show KA and we even saw the lions at MGM grand! It was awesome.

So, if you hear of any good deals on travel for a "make-up" honeymoon, let us know!


  1. "the double dragon" that's an amazing description.

  2. haha! I thought double dragon was HILARIOUS too! hahaha! Great post Chelsea. What a memorable event. I say for your next trip you go to Costa Rica.

  3. Hahahahaha! Oh, my gosh. You and Ben are so hilarious. That really was quite the honeymoon. I especially enjoyed the tour of your South Point room. Hysterical. I'm so happy you're a blogger.

  4. I loved how you found all of the great moments of your honeymoon because there was plenty of events I am sure you would like to forget. Love you Chelsea!

  5. You guys are so funny!!!! That video makes me like you two even more... if that's even possible.

  6. HILARIOUS VIDEO. i was rolling. when you mentioned your jewels in the safe, i was like ill be up there in a flash to get haha. you are such a cute couple and have such neat personalities. i love how you both have such a great sense of "humor".

  7. Chels! Im so glad that I found you on here! What a great honeymoon story! We call the double dragon Montezuma's Revenge. Since we lived in MX, we had our fair share of it :) You live in AZ?! We live out in Queen Creek and I was just in Scottsdale Fashion Sq mall yesterday!Next time I'll come by and see ya! Good to catch up with ya!